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Recognizing the value of consistent reflection upon the Word of God in order to refocus one’s mind and heart upon Christ and His Gospel of peace, we provide several reading plans designed to cover the entire Bible in a year.

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Study Resources :: Charts and Outlines :: Symbolic Language used in the Old and New Testaments

Symbolic Language used in the Old and New Testaments

Texts Symbols Meanings
Jer 3:8, 9; 5:7 Adultery Idolatry
Rev 1:20; 2:1, etc. Angel Messenger, hence minister
Psa 10:15; Eze 30:21, etc. Arm Power
Job 6:4 Arrows Judgments
Rev 17:18 Babylon Rome
Dan 7:17 Beast A tyrannical heathen monarch
Job 30:30; Joe 2:6 Black Affliction-anguish
Isa 29:18; Rom 11:25 Blindness Ignorance
Isa 34:3; Eze 32:6 Blood Slaughter-depth
Job 18:15; Rev 14:10 Brimstone Desolation-torments
Rev 21:9 Bride The Church of God
Jhn 3:29 Bridegroom Christ wedded to his Church
Psa 22:12, etc. Bulls Violent enemies
Rev 2:1 Candlestick Church
Psa 68:17, etc. Chariots Heavenly hosts
Jam 1:12; Rev 2:10 Crown Victory-reward
Psa 23:5 Cup Divine Blessings
Isa 51:17 Cup Divine Judgments
Jer 2:31; Amo 4:13; Rom 13:12 Darkness Misery-adversity-ignorance
Isa 34:8, etc.; Rev 2:10, etc.; 1Th 5:5, etc. Day An indefinite time-a prophetic year-gospel period
Mat 15:26; Rev 22:15; Psa 22:16 Dogs Gentiles-impure persons-persecutors
1Cr 16:9 Door An opening
Rev 12:9 Dragon Satan
Isa 29:9 Drunkenness Effects of divine judgments
Rev 6:12, etc. Earthquakes Revolutions
Pro 15:3, etc. Eyes Knowledge
Psa 34:16, etc. Face The divine favor
Jer 5:28 Fat Abundance
Isa 42:25, etc. Fire Judgments
Rev 7:3, etc. Forehead A public profession
Jer 11:4 Furnace Affliction
Rev 3:4, etc. Garments Outward appearance
Psa 147:13 Gates Power-security
Job 12:18 Girdles Strength
Mat 25:33 Goats Wicked persons
Eze 38:2; 39:11; Rev 20:8 Gog and Magog God's enemies
Rev 8:7 Grass The lower orders, opposed to trees, the higher orders
Rev 11:19 Hail Divine vengeance
Psa 18:35; 73:23 Hand, right Protection-support
Eze 8:1 Hand of the Lord Divine influence
Joe 3:13, etc. Harvest A time of destruction
Eph 1:22, etc. Head Rule or ruler
Isa 13:13; Hag 2:6, 21 Heavens Political or ecclesiastical governments
Zec 10:3 Horse War and conquest
Mat 5:6 Hunger and thirst Spiritual desires
Rev 5:8 Incense Prayer
Psa 122:6 Jerusalem Church of God
Hbr 12:22, etc. Jerusalem The heavenly state
Rev 1:18 Keys Power and authority
1Ki 15:4; Psa 132:17 Lamp A successor or offspring
Est 8:16 Light Joy-prosperity
Isa 8:20; Eph 5:8, etc. Light Knowledge-bitterness
- Moon (see Sun) -
Zec 4:7; Isa 2:2 Mountains A state-Christ's Church
Rom 16:25, etc. Mystery Not a thing unintelligible, but never before made plain
Rev 3:17 Naked In the sinful state of nature
Isa 21:12; Rev 21:25 Night Adversity-affliction-ignorance
Isa 2:13 Oaks Men of rank and power
Psa 23:5; 92:10, etc. Oil Abundance-fertility-joy
Rev 7:9 Palms Victory
Luk 23:43; Rev 2:7 Paradise Heaven
Psa 18:2 Rock A secure refuge
2:9, etc.;Job 9:34, etc. Rod Authority-correction
Col 4:6, etc.; Deu 29:23 Salt Purity-barrenness
Isa 51:10 Sea in commotion An army
Sgs 4:12; Isa 29:11 Seal Security-secrecy
Gen 3:1, etc.; 2Cr 11:3; Rev 12:9 Serpent The devil
Jhn 10:11, 16, etc. Sheep Christ's disciples
Nah 3:18; Eze 34:2, etc. Shepherds Rules, civil or ecclesiastical
Psa 84:9; Eph 6:16 Shield Defence-protection
1Th 4:14 Sleep Death
Isa 1:6, etc. Sores Spiritual maladies
Num 24:17, etc. Star A prince or ruler
Joe 2:31, etc. Sun, moon, and stars The various governors in a state
Isa 34:5; Eze 21:3, etc. Sword War and slaughter
Deu 28:13 Tail Subjection-degradation
Pro 30:14 Teeth Cruelty
Gen 41:40, etc. Throne Kingdom or government
Jer 4:31; Gal 4:19 Travail Anguish-anxiety
Zec 11:2 Trees The great and noble
Psa 80:8, etc. Vine The Church of God
Isa 5:1, etc. Vineyard The Church of God
Eze 3:17 Watch-tower The Prophets
Psa 69:1; Isa 8:7, etc.; 55:1 Waters Afflictions-multitudes-ordinances
Dan 9:24 Week Seven years
Rev 12:6 Wilderness Afflicted state
Isa 27:8; Jer 51:1 Wind Judgments-destructive war
Isa 25:6; 55:1, etc.; Psa 60:3, etc. Wine Spiritual blessings-divine judgments
Isa 63:3; Rev 14:19 Winepress Slaughter
Psa 17:8, etc. Wings Protection
Isa 11:6; 65:25 Wolves Furious, ungodly persons
Eze 26:2, 3 Woman City, or body politie
Rev 12:1 Woman The Church of Christ
Deu 28:48; Mat 11:29, 30; Lam 3:27 Yoke Labor-restraint

The Blue Letter Bible ministry and the BLB Institute hold to the historical, conservative Christian faith, which includes a firm belief in the inerrancy of Scripture. Since the text and audio content provided by BLB represent a range of evangelical traditions, all of the ideas and principles conveyed in the resource materials are not necessarily affirmed, in total, by this ministry.


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